Uni – Instagrammed

When looking for photos to picture my first year at university, instagram is my go-to place. To be honest, I have probably taken more photos with the tacky camera on my phone than I have with my proper camera. That sounds bad in a way, but I call it taking photos for memory’s sake rather than for quality! It is kind of like learning to live more in the moment and delighting in those little memories! These photos have been taken since I started last September, and are very much brief snapshots of some of the moments in the last 7 months. It is only an incomplete picture, so many things are missing, but these may give a little glimpse of my life at uni. Enjoy!

wpid-img_20131111_090608.jpg– tea and English muffins –

wpid-img_20131111_184233.jpg– studying my anatomy and physiology module –

(This was back in November, and I am only now facing the exam.)

wpid-img_20131112_161914.jpg– baking –

(because you have to bake at uni!)

wpid-img_20131123_161547.jpg– Saturday afternoon walk and a winter sunset –

wpid-img_20131129_114134.jpg– uni campus from the bus –

(the building on the right is actually the back of the nursing building)


 – green card for placement, following the completion of all my vaccinations –

wpid-img_20131210_174049.jpg– Christmas lights on campus –

wpid-img_20131211_103456.jpg– a misty morning walk to a 9am lecture –

wpid-img_20131224_221004.jpg– Christmas at home –

(And I’m still not too old for a stocking!)

wpid-img_20140102_211206.jpg–  writing my last essays –

wpid-img_20140131_083559.jpg– morning walk to catch the bus to my first placement (P1) –

wpid-img_20140210_163626.jpg– my P1 wasn’t actually based in this old hospital building, but in a another building on the same site –

wpid-img_20140211_083942.jpg– rain on the bus window (p1 again)!

wpid-img_20140309_102839.jpg– Sunday morning walk on the common before church –

wpid-img_20140313_140801.jpg– on campus one sunny afternoon –

wpid-img_20140314_124001.jpg– travelling back home for a visit –

wpid-img_20140314_202353.jpg– time spent with my little brother and sister –

wpid-img_20140331_182247.jpg– icecream, waffles, and good times with friends –

wpid-img_20140505_203945.jpg– a recent bank holiday walk to a bluebell wood with my family –


– revision –


‘Catch Up’: Photo A Week

This post is going to be a long one, for it has been rather a long time since I last updated my photo a week ‘challenge’, hasn’t it? This post begins way back at the beginning of May, so that shows how long it has been.  I personally can’t believe how the time has gone so quickly! It doesn’t seem so very long ago that this year was just beginning, and now I find myself over halfway through it already!  I think these photos illustrate my life quite well at the moment – lots of quiet, peaceful moments, but with an undercurrent of uncertainty and change.


Week 18 – Bean Plants

These bean plants are now planted in the garden and are much, much bigger and beginning to yield!  But back then – I think it was the beginning of May – they were only just opening their first leaves.  Sunshine + young plants = ideal opportunity to marvel at the intricateness of God’s creation!


Week 19 – Apple Blossom

The blossoms on our apples trees were beautiful this year, and they look as though they are going to yield a good crop of apples too!


Week 20 –London

I had another university interview at King’s College London.  There is a long, long story to be told all about my journey through university applications and interviews; it has definitely been quite eventful and busy for me. But that is for another post.


Week 21 – Reading!

I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy – finally!  For some reason, I always thought Tolkien was unreadable when I was younger.  However, after seeing some of the Lord of the Rings movie at the end of last year, I decided that I must read the whole story.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed it!


Week 22 – In the Garden

I feel I must admit to cheating slightly here – there was a big gap around this point when my camera remained in its bag and no photos were taken, so this photo and the photo above were actually taken late, as kind of fill-in photos!  I know that this artichoke was definitely growing in my garden – along with a lot of other things!  The plant was a gift from my grandmother last year, though I have to confess that I think I left the poor artichokes to long before harvesting.  Still, it all can be put down as gardening experience.


Week 23 – Self Portraits and Hair Cuts

I don’t know whether this photo shows it very well, but I had my hair cut to just over shoulder length, which meant losing about 8 to 10 inches.  I actually really like my new length – though it has grown a little since then.


Week 24 – A Family Walk

As you can see from the photo, my little sister takes after me just a little, at least when the fancy takes her!


Week 25 – Sick

Apparently, I was sick this week – I wouldn’t remember this if it wasn’t for the things crossed out in my diary with a little ‘sick’ next to them!  While recovering from my cold, I found jigsaws highly satisfying; they were something to keep me fairly busy, but without requiring too much effort.  I think I completed three.


Week 26 – Another Uni Interveiw

Yes, that was said with feeling – it was my fifth.  Thankfully, it was also my last – things have been a little crazy, but the Lord has guided (and is still guiding) me.


Week 27 – The End of School

I received my certificate confirming that I had really finished school!


Week 28 –

I couldn’t decide how to caption this photo; I went to a young person’s conference at the beginning of this month, and there was a civil war re-enactment taking place in the same town.  Consequently, while I was eating my lunch, there were lots of people dressed up in costumes walking – or marching – about. There were also a lot of dangerous looking poles being brandished and several loud and rather startling bangs!  It was certainly unusual!


Week 29 – Barges

We visited a relative who lives near a lovely working canal, complete with lots of barges.  This photo brings back memories of a rather short, hot, dusty walk down this canal – it was the middle of our heatwave and temperatures were around 30°C, which is hot for us!


Week 30 – Summer

I had a slight moment of indecision before posting this photo – do my blog readers really want to see a photo of my feet?  Anyway, this illustrates our summer July – sunshine and flipflops.  Admittedly, the weather has broken now, but that also means that it is a lot cooler, which I prefer.  This photo was taken last week, on a beautifully sunny-but-not-too-hot afternoon walk with my camera.  There is so much beauty to capture!


In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)


DSC_9774 DSC_9771     DSC_9786 DSC_9788


DSC_9792 DSC_9796DSC_9823

DSC_9803 DSC_9818     DSC_9872



DSC_9955 DSC_9963 DSC_9956 DSC_9961  DSC_9977 DSC_9982 DSC_9997 DSC_9999DSC_0011

  • Two birthdays – one little boy turned 4 and one little girl turned 8.
  • Another trip to Cardiff – and disappointment when my interview was not successful.
  • My grade 7 piano exam – after a dreadful attack of nerves in the exam, I got a merit.
  • A birthday party for my little sister – which she much enjoyed!
  • New piano pieces, including some Mozart!
  • Babysitting little siblings for a day.
  • Hugs from my little brother.
  • Rain… and even snow! (But not much sunshine…)
  • Work.
  • Happy hours spent in the kitchen.
  • Making cookies for the orchestra in which I play.
  • A rather chaotic house, as we deal with furniture and other things given to us by a relative who was downsizing.
  • Two pianos in our dining room (see above).
  • Uncertainty, yet the knowledge that the Lord will guide.
  • Disappointment coupled with the assurance that the Lord knows what he is doing.
  • Learning faith in God.

Photo a Week: Week 5


One of the first snowdrops of the year.  Isn’t February early, even for snowdrops?  Still, it gave me something to photograph when I got to the end of the week and realised that I hadn’t taken any photos again. The rest of my week has been busy, as per normal.  Among other things, we found time to make marmalade again, for the second year running – my sister  made one batch on Tuesday, and I made another on Wednesday.  I hope that all my readers have had a good week, and hopefully I shall post more soon!

Photo a Week: Week 4


Maybe not the best quality photo today, but it was still one of my favourites.  This weekend I have my first concert with the orchestra I joined last September.  I am nervous, especially as I still can’t play some of my parts, partly due to it being among the hardest and fastest music I have yet had to learn (or attempt to learn!).

I came to the conclustion this evening that I really need to get out my camera more often.  Even with posting one photo a week, I find that my camera is consistently staying in its bag for the rest of the week. No wonder I have to reject so many photos!

Sledging in the Snow

As I sit down to put together this post, it is sleeting outside.  The problem with the part of England in which we live is that our climate is unable to maintain sub-zero temperatures for longer than a day.  Maybe that is a blessing in some ways, but it does mean that our snow is always short-lived.  Much of it has melted by now.

Anyway, I have finally got around to editing some of my photos of my little brother and sister from when they went sledging last Friday.  Enjoy (they certainly both enjoyed it!).


~ Running on ahead to get to the hill. ~


Hills are in short supply in our little corner of England, but we happen to live in a valley, which means that there is one fairly sizeable ‘hill’ near us – it’s big enough for sledging, anyway!

I shall let the pictures tell the story from now, as I am rather running out of time!  The next photo is one of my favourites – it was his first ever sledge ride and I love the way his face shows pure delight.






And of course, sledging was not without its little tumbles…  Suffice to say, this little boy got rather cold and tired.

And finally, a couple of photo collages…



1 Year: 52 Weeks: 52 Photos

Most of my readers will remember the photo a day challenge I attempted last year in August.  I know, it is rather difficult to forget it – some of the posts from it are still showing on my blog’s front page. Yes, I need to put up some more posts!

A photo a day for a month shouldn’t be too hard, right?  So I thought, but it seemed like I was wrong. I found having to take a photo each day rather tricky with everything else I was doing, and I failed to complete the challenge.  Another time, I will have to try again, be a bit more determined, and actually finish the challenge.

But for now, I thought I would try to do something a little different and easier.  I am sure that I have seen photo a week challenges on other blogs. For example, The Daily Post does weekly photo challenges. In the spirit of such challenges, I shall be attempting to post one photo a week for the whole of 2013.  I am not planning on following any challenge, however – I shall simply try to post a photo which pictures part of my week.  It may be a photo of something special or ‘big’ or (more likely!) simply everyday and normal things.  The photo may be from any day of the week.

Hopefully, at the end of the year, I shall have 52 photos.  Ideally, at the same time, I will also have improved my photograhy skills!

To start off the year, here is my photo for this week…

DSC_9015~ The sun setting on New Year’s Day ~

We had beautiful weather for the first day of the year, and in the afternoon we took a little walk, during which I snapped this photograph.  We have had a lot of rain recently, so the ditch was full of water, which reflected the sky beautifully.  And while I typed that, I couldn’t help thinking how we in like manner ought to reflect Christ.  Just a little thought…

The rest of the week has been quiet, with a little bit of shopping and a little walk yesterday with my little brother and sister. I didn’t take my camera on any of those, so no photos.  I was volunteering at the hospital this morning, so I am a little tired now.  I hope that you all have had a blessed week too!