Photo a Week: Week 32


~ Chocolate Courgette Cake (recipe here) ~

This photo captures last week perfectly for me – times spent with friends and family which naturally called for cake!  It was a pleasantly busy week, and included making more memories with my little brother and sister when we visited a miniature railway.


Photo a Week: Week 31 [First Steps in Quilting]


Highlights from last week in brief…

…beginning to piece my first ever quilt (or what will hopefully be my first ever quilt! – pictured), afternoon walks with my little brother and sister, day outings with my little brother and sister to see Nelson’s ship, the first part of my first job interview, and a farewell party for my old music teacher who is moving away.  Busy, but good memories have been made.

‘Catch Up’: Photo A Week

This post is going to be a long one, for it has been rather a long time since I last updated my photo a week ‘challenge’, hasn’t it? This post begins way back at the beginning of May, so that shows how long it has been.  I personally can’t believe how the time has gone so quickly! It doesn’t seem so very long ago that this year was just beginning, and now I find myself over halfway through it already!  I think these photos illustrate my life quite well at the moment – lots of quiet, peaceful moments, but with an undercurrent of uncertainty and change.


Week 18 – Bean Plants

These bean plants are now planted in the garden and are much, much bigger and beginning to yield!  But back then – I think it was the beginning of May – they were only just opening their first leaves.  Sunshine + young plants = ideal opportunity to marvel at the intricateness of God’s creation!


Week 19 – Apple Blossom

The blossoms on our apples trees were beautiful this year, and they look as though they are going to yield a good crop of apples too!


Week 20 –London

I had another university interview at King’s College London.  There is a long, long story to be told all about my journey through university applications and interviews; it has definitely been quite eventful and busy for me. But that is for another post.


Week 21 – Reading!

I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy – finally!  For some reason, I always thought Tolkien was unreadable when I was younger.  However, after seeing some of the Lord of the Rings movie at the end of last year, I decided that I must read the whole story.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed it!


Week 22 – In the Garden

I feel I must admit to cheating slightly here – there was a big gap around this point when my camera remained in its bag and no photos were taken, so this photo and the photo above were actually taken late, as kind of fill-in photos!  I know that this artichoke was definitely growing in my garden – along with a lot of other things!  The plant was a gift from my grandmother last year, though I have to confess that I think I left the poor artichokes to long before harvesting.  Still, it all can be put down as gardening experience.


Week 23 – Self Portraits and Hair Cuts

I don’t know whether this photo shows it very well, but I had my hair cut to just over shoulder length, which meant losing about 8 to 10 inches.  I actually really like my new length – though it has grown a little since then.


Week 24 – A Family Walk

As you can see from the photo, my little sister takes after me just a little, at least when the fancy takes her!


Week 25 – Sick

Apparently, I was sick this week – I wouldn’t remember this if it wasn’t for the things crossed out in my diary with a little ‘sick’ next to them!  While recovering from my cold, I found jigsaws highly satisfying; they were something to keep me fairly busy, but without requiring too much effort.  I think I completed three.


Week 26 – Another Uni Interveiw

Yes, that was said with feeling – it was my fifth.  Thankfully, it was also my last – things have been a little crazy, but the Lord has guided (and is still guiding) me.


Week 27 – The End of School

I received my certificate confirming that I had really finished school!


Week 28 –

I couldn’t decide how to caption this photo; I went to a young person’s conference at the beginning of this month, and there was a civil war re-enactment taking place in the same town.  Consequently, while I was eating my lunch, there were lots of people dressed up in costumes walking – or marching – about. There were also a lot of dangerous looking poles being brandished and several loud and rather startling bangs!  It was certainly unusual!


Week 29 – Barges

We visited a relative who lives near a lovely working canal, complete with lots of barges.  This photo brings back memories of a rather short, hot, dusty walk down this canal – it was the middle of our heatwave and temperatures were around 30°C, which is hot for us!


Week 30 – Summer

I had a slight moment of indecision before posting this photo – do my blog readers really want to see a photo of my feet?  Anyway, this illustrates our summer July – sunshine and flipflops.  Admittedly, the weather has broken now, but that also means that it is a lot cooler, which I prefer.  This photo was taken last week, on a beautifully sunny-but-not-too-hot afternoon walk with my camera.  There is so much beauty to capture!


In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Photo a Week: Weeks 15, 16, & 17

Catching up on my photo a week challange… finally!


Week 15 – Manchester

I had a university interview in Manchester – a long way to go for some one down in the south of England.  It took a five-hour train journey and an overnight stay in Manchester. Manchester was a big, big city – and I found the whole trip rather tiring.  Sadly, my interview was unsuccessful.


Week 16 – Milly

The photo for this week is an entirely fun (and sweet!) photo Milly having a nap on my bed… definitely a chilled-out cat!


Week 17 – Spring

We are finally seeing some more signs of spring as our apple trees begin to bud.  The weather has also been warmer, so I have been trying to catch up in the garden, which is rather behind!

Anyway, that is a tiny glimpse into the last few weeks!  More coming soon, hopefully!

Photo a Week: Weeks 12, 13, & 14

This post is to prove that I have not forgotten my photo a week challenge.  Yes, I may not have been posting, but I have been taking photographs.  Life has been busy.  My apologies for sounding like a broken gramophone record; I am aware that I say that practically every time I post!


Week 12 – Birthdays

My sweet little sister and brother both had their birthdays this week!  Pictured is my sister’s cake – chocolate of course!


Week 13 – Cooking with little siblings.

This week saw the beginning of our holidays, meaning a semblence of rest for me!  I took advantage of the opportunity to do a little bit of cooking with my little brother and sister – some simple chocolate-and-cereal creations!


Week 14 – Sunshine

Wow!  This week we saw some rare sunshine (I had almost forgotten what it was like… especially after a cold, dull March – apparently the coldest since 1962.).  This photo is from a walk we took on Tuesday.

Hopefully, I shall be able to post again soon over the next few days!  Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

Photo a Week: Week 11 [Little Things]


It is the little things that can make all the difference.  Such as this beautiful flower which my little sister put in a vase on my bedroom windowsill for me. :smiles:

I have had a bit of a crazy week, and next week does not look to be much better.  With a university interview, a certain special little boy’s birthday, and a piano exam, I shall be glad if next weekend comes round without finding me an exhausted emotional wreck.  I have the exhausted part already!

Photo a Week: Week 10 [Work]


As it is over a week since I should have posted this photo, I feel some explanation is necessary!  I have been busy trying to finish off some long-overdue schoolwork, and have not had much time (or inclination) to post.  Last week’s photo shows the laptop on which I have done a lot of this work.