Miscellany Monday #3

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Today it rained.  We have been having a lot of rain lately – mainly heavy showers and grey clouds with occasional breaks of sunshine.  After March and April being so dry, I guess we rather needed the rain to redress the balance!  However, I really would rather it reserved the rain for times when I didn’t have to go out.

2.  We finished painting our bedroom last Wednesday and have been trying to move back in ever since.  I only have just managed to clear the middle of the floor from boxes.  I have been going through a lot of papers and having a good  ‘sort-out’.  It has been rather tiring though!  (For those who are interested, I am planning to get some photos up soon.  I have them uploaded onto the computer, but just haven’t got around to writing a post yet!)

3.  On a walk yesterday we found a bench with tape on it proclaiming “Do not use.”  After carefully examining the bench, we could find no reason why it was unsafe and sat on it anyway.  It must have been someone’s prank; I don’t know whether to find it funny or not.  By the way, this was my attempt to look unconcerned!

4.  Goodnight kisses from two-year-olds are just sweet.  Especially when that two-year-old comes up to you for his goodnight kiss and rubs his curly head on your skirt.

5.  My little brother (the above two-year-old) had his hair cut last Friday.  We didn’t shave off all his curls though; just shortened them considerably…

6.  I am currently learning this piece on my violin.  Isn’t it nice?  I am not playing it at the concert on Saturday, however.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Miscellany Monday #2

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  My day normally starts at about 6:30.  I used to only wake at 7:30 to 8:00, but I decided I preferred waking earlier.  I do like it so much better!  I love being able to have my morning devotions without having to rush them.  I also find that having an early start to the day greatly improves my productivity in the morning.

2.  This morning I went outside before my breakfast to check on my plants.  My beans are slowly climbing up their poles now, but the ones I planted later haven’t grown yet.  My other plants are growing too, but very slowly (or so it seems!).  Gardening is a lesson in patience for me!

3.  I tried taking some new profile photos today, but I wasn’t too successful.  I wasn’t really feeling all that photogenic!  This was the best I could get (which I actually liked):

4.  In a successful effort not to become a total workaholic, I took my two little siblings on a little walk into town to buy some sweets (a little treat occasionally does not harm them, after all).  I also took the occasion to pop into the local country store to buy some seeds.  I managed to chose some seeds and came away with one packet of courgette seeds.  I had wanted a couple of other packets too, but I couldn’t find what I wanted – I must admit that I couldn’t believe that there were not any rocket seeds, but only mixed salad leaves.

5.  My little brother enjoyed his walk and ran most of the way home!   He is getting so big now – I can’t believe he is growing up so fast.  He can’t talk that much yet, but he certainly knows what he wants!  He is most adorably cute and can say ‘Anna’ very well now – only this afternoon he was playing with his little jigsaws and was having problems and he was calling for me to help him!  He also loves arranging his cars very carefully in rows…

6.  I don’t think I ever showed a picture of our new kitchen when it was fully completed.  As this is a miscellaneous post, I may well share one here!

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’S name is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
At last, an update for my poor neglected blog!  I am participating in Miscellany Monday, which I have seen on a few other blogs… if I enjoy it, I may well do it again next week!  Anyway, here is this Monday’s miscellaneous collection:

1.  I never planned such a long blogging break; it just sort of happened. Life has been rather busy, and blogging has been rather shoved out of the picture.

2.  On the line of blogging, I meant to post last Friday and even started a post, but didn’t manage to finish it.

3.  Right now, I am on a holiday from music lessons.  My piano teacher is away (in Singapore!) and my violin teacher has given me a break after all the work I put in for my violin exam.  I am looking for new violin pieces to play right now – something other than Handel.  (Not that I dislike Handel, in fact the opposite.  I already have plenty of Handel to play, just not much else!)

4.  Talking of my violin exam, I did my Grade 5 exam last Tuesday.  I passed, with a merit.

5.  I am in my last year of school now.  While the prospect of finishing is nice, it also means that I do have a lot of work to do, which happens to be quite hard.  It can leave me exhausted at the end of day.  I find it hard to keep on top of all my work at the moment.

6.  I have done some gardening recently but am generally rather late with planting everything.  Back in March, we had two large trees removed from our tiny back garden, and I have taken over their old location for my gardening.  It is a lot more open and sunny (practically the sunniest place in our north-facing garden), but the soil isn’t the greatest.