This 'old' man…

…is my brother.'old' man

Didn’t my sister do a good job! Oh, what fun we had last Thursday with my cousins!



I found this open tag on Bethany’s blog, and decided to take it up.

There are 4 rules:

  1. Go to the fourth folder in which you store your photos on your computer.
  2. Select the fourth picture from the folder.
  3. Post the picture (no cropping, etc. allowed) on your blog with an explanation.
  4. Tag four people to do the same

This is my photo, the fourth from the fourth folder of the second folder of my fourth iPhoto library. (Sorry, the fourth folder of the fourth folder in my fourth iPhoto library didn’t contain any photos!)


This picture seems pretty self-explanatory to me, but that probably isn’t the case for anyone else! It is my little sister almost 4 years ago, fast asleep in her car seat, just under a month old, practically 4 weeks old.

It reminds me that Lord willing, we ought to have another little one in our house shortly. The Lord is indeed good!

As for tagging, I tag anyone who would like to participate and it doesn’t have to be four! By the way, please tell me if you take up the tag.

To keep you all busy…

148 138 things you never cared to know about me…

  1. How do you most often wear your hair? I like my hair long and loose, but with a headband or bandanna to keep it back from my face. Otherwise, I’ll wear it tied back or braided.
  2. What do you like better: Sledding or Swimming? As I have never been so fortunate as to go sledding, but used to swim, I don’t think I have much choice.
  3. What is your favorite thing for breakfast? Granola, but I only get it when I make it and I don’t make it very often so I usually eat peanut butter on toast.
  4. Is one of your siblings married? My oldest sibling is only 17, and still lives at home… I guess that is a no.
  5. Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? Not as far as I can remember, though I might have been on something similar when I was younger.
  6. Have you ever seen an ocean? Yes, several times. When one lives on a small island like GB, they can’t get too far from the sea, I guess.
  7. Where would you rather go: England or Australia? That’s unfair. I live in England already, so I don’t have a choice. Could I choose somewhere else, such as the U.S.A. Canada, New Zealand, Japan… ? Not that I don’t want to go to Australia…
  8. Tell me something about you that I don’t know? I had glue ear when I was younger and wasn’t able to hear for some years. Once my ears had been unblocked, then I had speech therapy to help me learn to talk!
  9. Do you want to get married someday? Yes, if God so wills it.
  10. How many TV’s are in your house? Zero. Actually I suppose it depends how you look at it. We have TV set, but we can’t watch TV on it! Most people would think us mad!
  11. What’s your favorite hymn? “Take my Life and Let it be” is one of my favourites, but there are too many to name!
  12. Which one would you rather learn to play: Guitar, Banjo, Piano or Violin? I already play the piano and the violin, and I don’t really have any preference over the guitar or banjo. I could actually learn guitar if I wanted to, as my mother has one which she used to play.
  13. How tall are you? 5′ 7″ or thereabouts and not quite finished yet. ;)
  14. What is the prettiest thing you have ever seen? There are too many numerous beauties in God’s creation for me to able to pinpoint one as the prettiest.
  15. Describe where you live and what it looks like: A cul-de-sac (is that right?) on the outskirts of a town. Overgrown, un-kept front garden… May I stop now?!
  16. How many bedrooms are in your house? Four bedrooms, but two are verging on being practical cupboards! In other words, they are small!
  17. How many rooms are in your house? Eight or nine. It really depends what you call rooms!
  18. What’s in your basement? As we don’t have a basement, I’m saved answering this question. I’d guess our equivalent to a basement is the garage. It is filled with anything other than car!
  19. Do you keep your room clean all the time or is it a mess? I try to keep it tidy, but I don’t succeed very well. I share with my older sister, so I do like to blame the mess on her!
  20. Do you wish you could have your own room? It would be sad if I did, for I don’t have much hope of having my own room at present. I’m happy enough sharing anyway.
  21. What do you do for fun with your siblings? My little sister is entertainment in herself, and with my older sister I talk a lot!
  22. Do you get mad easily? Too easily.
  23. Do you cry a lot? What do you call crying a lot? Last time I cried was when my favourite rat died and that was on Monday.
  24. Do you like tuna? Yes, I do like tuna, but my brother doesn’t.
  25. Is your mother pregnant right now? Yes, and the baby is due in March.
  26. Would you rather go back to the Oregon trail or the Cherokee Indian trail of tears? Having no seen either, I’d visit either quite happily, as long as you pay expenses!
  27. Are you part anything (Like, Indian, Irish, and so on)? I am part French and part Scottish.
  28. Do you prefer Email or written letters? I don’t email people often at all, but I’m happy to oblige if anyone would like to email me! And I do enjoy writing letters.
  29. What was the last wedding you attended? Oh dear. The last wedding I attended was the wedding of one of my mother’s school friends. And that was when I was 5 or something like that.
  30. How many aunts and uncles do you have? *counts on her fingers* Seven, unless you count my uncle’s partner. And then I have three greats!
  31. Are you mad at one of your siblings right now? Not really!
  32. If you got in trouble and you were given a choice for punishment which would you choose: Not seeing any friends for a month or no computer for a month? I would probably choose no computer for a month! Sorry, all my dear blogging friends and acquaintances!
  33. How many times have you gotten in trouble? How is one supposed to know that?
  34. When was the last time you went out of town? When I visited my Granny last weekend.
  35. Do you like to play inside or outside better? That really depends on my mood, the weather, and what else I have to do.
  36. Do you like to listen to music? Yes. I rather like Strauss at the moment. If I didn’t like music, it would be rather sad, because our piano doesn’t get much rest.
  37. Do you want to have a big wedding or a small one? I don’t have the choice. It has to be small! And everyone has to come to our house afterwards and eat bread, cheese and salads. It truly is all my father can afford!
  38. Do you want to live in the country or city? The country. Right in the middle of nowhere. Is anyone offering to buy me this house in the country?
  39. How many pen pals do you have? I have never had a pen pal.
  40. Do you say “shut up” or “Be quiet”? I really do wish I didn’t have to say them so often.
  41. If you could have only one of the following for yourself which would you choose: A computer, a Cell phone, An Ipod, or a TV? A computer. I have no wish for any of the others. There really ought to be the choice of a camera too, you know!
  42. Which kind of car do you like better: Dodge Viper, Lexus, or Mustang? I must admit I have no idea what any of those cars are!
  43. What kind of things make you mad? Annoying little brothers…!
  44. What kind of things make you happy? Nice little brothers, a tidy and clean house…
  45. Do you speak your mind? I guess that I am too good at speaking my mind.
  46. Do you prefer to talk to old people (Over 60) or people your age? Age is no concern to me. And by the way, why isn’t there the option of people younger that yourself? I enjoy talking to young children!
  47. What do you find more interesting: A Encyclopedia or a dictionary? I’ve never really thought about that, but I guess that an encyclopedia is more interesting, unless you happen to be my brother playing Scrabble.
  48. What would you rather do: Go clothes shopping, or Go to the library and read? It depends whether there are any nice clothes in the shops, or whether there are any good books in the library.
  49. Where do you normally read? Curled up on my bed!
  50. Do you have a desk in your room? No. Should I? However, I do have a cage for my rats!
  51. Are you smart? I can’t answer that question myself! You answer it for me if you want to.
  52. Do you have good handwriting? As a rule, yes. But I can write atrociously. And I don’t hold my pen correctly…
  53. You don’t have to be their best friend, but who is YOUR best friend? My best friend is the Lord Jesus Christ.
  54. What is your favorite vegetable? I like most vegetables, but I especially like peas and green beans.
  55. How many brothers do you have and how chaotic is it? I have one brother and life is chaotic enough with him.
  56. Does anyone in your family have black hair? I don’t think dark brown counts.
  57. Do you like to dance? I have never tried dancing, but if I did, I wouldn’t want to do this modern ‘dancing.’
  58. Can you sing? Yes, but rather quietly and almost certainly out of tune.
  59. If you could go to one of these countries for a month, which one would you go to: Australia, China, Africa, or Europe? I’d probably choose China. Or maybe the jungles in Africa.
  60. What is your Dad’s job? I think he is called a technical engineer.
  61. Do you go to work? I am still in school and don’t have any after school jobs.
  62. Do you like Soccer or football better? Football. English football. I think that Americans call it soccer though.
  63. Do you think this quiz is dumb? I haven’t decided yet…
  64. Do you think it’s annoyingly long? Yes, I do.
  65. Which would you rather be: A waitress, a teacher, a writer, a Sports player or an Artist? A teacher or a writer are infinitely better options than those others.
  66. Do you prefer dark colors or light? I like dark coloured skirts, and then I might wear lighter coloured tops. Oh dear, I just realised that this isn’t asking about clothing, but I can’t be bothered to change my answer!
  67. Which March girl from little woman are you more like? I’d like to think I am like Beth, but I might be more like Jo!
  68. If someone asked you to play in a movie would you say yes? Probably not, but it would depend on the movie. If it was something like Little Women, you’d have more chance!
  69. What exactly do you want to be when your older? I always avoid answering such questions, and am now proceeding to avoid answering this question!
  70. Who wants more and gets it? My little sister. Well… not always!
  71. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Two pairs and a pair of trainers, and some wellies, and riding boots. Cutting out all that waffle, that makes two pairs of shoes.
  72. How many shirts do you have? Really, I can’t be bothered to count.
  73. How many pairs of pants do you have? Something like two, and unless you count jodhpurs, I only wear them once in a blue moon.
  74. How many skirts do you have? Five which I actually wear, and only three of them are warm enough for the winter.
  75. Do you sew? Yes, I started sewing this year. So far I haven’t completed much though.
  76. Which would you rather do: Sing a song in front of a thousand people or write a Novel and try to get it published? Write a novel and try to get it published. I’d have stage fright if I sang in front of that many people. I dare say I wouldn’t mind playing the violin in front of a thousand people, but I’m no way near good enough! Until then, I will have to make do with 30 or so fond relatives!
  77. What is your favorite blog? There are too many lovely blogs out there to choose one from; can I choose my own?
  78. Do you blog? I think the answer is pretty obvious…
  79. Has anyone ever thrown surprise party for you? No, but I did use to have non-surprise parties when I was younger. I haven’t had a party for ages now!
  80. Do you laugh a lot? When there is something to laugh at, yes.
  81. Have you ever cried in front of other people besides your family? Undoubtedly… When I was a baby!
  82. Do you like to be annoying? No, but I dare say I succeed.
  83. Have you been complimented lately? Apart from being told by my violin teacher that I am doing well in my lessons, no.
  84. Have you ever built a snow fort? We never have enough snow to build a snowman, let alone a snow fort.
  85. What is your favorite thing to do in the winter? Wrap up warmly and go for a walk or curl up and read!
  86. Is there a lot of shouting in your house normally? Generally only when my brother is naughty.
  87. How quiet-or loud- is your house right now? My mother is talking to my little sister.
  88. Have you ever cut someone’s hair? I cut my little sister’s fringe on one occasion. When I was younger I used to cut my own fringe, with rather interesting results!
  89. Have you ever colored your hair? No.
  90. Have you ever had more then 20 people at your house? Yes. When my little sister was dedicated there were something like 37 of us.
  91. Favorite kind of toothpaste? Non-fluoride, but my dentist prescribes me high fluoride toothpaste because of ‘early’ decay in my adult teeth.
  92. Have you ever written a story? I have started many and finished none!
  93. Have you ever gotten anything published? I get something published every time I post on this blog!
  94. What is your favorite kind of bread? Freshly baked homemade wholemeal bread. Even better if it still warm.
  95. Does your Mom work? In this world’s eyes, no. But if you don’t call looking after four children work, I don’t know what you do call work.
  96. Have you ever had a sleepover with more then 2 people? I have never had a sleepover, so no.
  97. Have you ever slept in a tent? No. Camping and my family just don’t go together. We always stay in a self-catering holiday cottage.
  98. Have you ever driven a tractor, or at least steered one? No.
  99. Do you go shopping a lot? What kind of shopping would you be thinking of?
  100. Skirts, dresses or jeans? Skirts win every time!
  101. Do you have a dog? No, but my sister would like one.
  102. Do you have neighbors within a 1/2 mile of your house? We have neighbours on every side of us. At one time, our house backed on to fields, but then along came Mr. Builder with his diggers and built more houses behind us.
  103. Do you have a tree fort? No.
  104. Do you dry your hair after you shower? Not with a hairdryer, if that is what you mean.
  105. Do you eat fish? Yes, and I eat meat too.
  106. Have you ever played PS2? Who would want a PlayStation2, may I ask? I have played on a Nintendo once at a friends house, however.
  107. Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes I ride almost every week. It is good fun!
  108. Do you own a horse? No.
  109. Do you own cows? No, but I wouldn’t mind some cows… or even goats!
  110. Do you like garlic? Yes, but my brother doesn’t.
  111. Do you have a nickname for yourself? On the internet I sometimes refer to myself as ‘Jerusha,’ but I don’t think that really counts.
  112. Do you keep a diary? On and off… I have a diary, but I only write in it when I feel like it, which can be rather irregular.
  113. Are you close to your Mom? I wouldn’t consider myself distanced from her, but I think my sister is closer.
  114. Do you own an American girl doll? What are American girl dolls?
  115. Have you ever gotten lost? When shopping, I have successfully been separated from my mother. But really my mother is the expert at getting lost. We almost lost her when we went on holiday last year!
  116. What color is your toothbrush? At the moment it is blue and green. I know, pretty disgusting.
  117. What do you do for Christmas? We celebrate it, but not in what I’d consider a really big. We give and receive presents, eat roast turkey for dinner, sing carols, and have a Christmas tree.
  118. Do you like country music? The easiest answer to this is ‘no.’
  119. Have you ever sung yourself to sleep? Not that I can remember.
  120. Have you ever slapped someone? Erm… yes.
  121. What is your favorite uncommon girl name? Is ‘Jerusha’ uncommon? Failing that, how about ‘Kezia’?
  122. Be honest; How many times a day do you pray? I try to pray in the morning and in the evening, and then throughout the day.
  123. Do you, or did you ever, believe in fairies? No. Not that that stopped me from playing with fairies.
  124. Do you still play “Simon Says?” Not if I can help it.
  125. What’s your favorite kind of pie? Apple pie is always delicious.
  126. Do you live on a farm? No, but I’d like to
  127. How many ways of growing up are there? Sorry, I don’t get this question.
  128. How many times have you seen a movie in the theaters? I have never seen a movie, at least not in a theatre.
  129. What do you do to relax? I either read, do craft work, write, or browse the internet.
  130. Have you ever gone strawberry picking? Apart from picking the few sparse wild strawberries which grow in our garden, no.
  131. Do you believe in the “Once saved always saved?” I’m not sure on this. Personally, I probably believe that when one is truly Christ’s, they cannot ever fall away completely and be lost.
  132. Do you like getting your picture taken? I don’t mind if am the one doing the taking! Otherwise…
  133. Have you ever won a race of any kind? I have lost numerous races, but winning races is not my cup of tea. However, I have been on a winning team in a relay race, and have come second in an obstacle race.
  134. Have you ever helped butcher a deer? No, and if there was a deer to be butchered, I’d be miles away; I promise.
  135. Are you afraid of anything? Looking up at high objects when one stands right next to them is a little scary!
  136. Do you like the snow? Yes, but I rarely ever see any snow, apart from in photos.
  137. How old are you? 15
  138. Do you wear glasses of any sort? No, and I had my eyes tested this year.

I seriously doubt anyone will read all that…

But I rather hope they do…

Because it took enough time to write!

A New Tag!

Victoria Rebecca tagged me to write 6 to 10 things I do every day. Here is my list:

.:5 Things I do Every Day:.

  • I let our pet rats out of their cage and play with them and cuddle them.
  • I read my Bible and pray.
  • I play with my little sister.
  • I play the piano.
  • I help my mother with housework.

And because there are only 5 things on that list:

.:A Few Things I do Almost Every Day:.

  • I practice my violin. This could almost be on the top list, but I normally have one day off practice.
  • I check my email, reader, and blog. This couldn’t go on the above list, because I always have Saturday and Sunday as days off the computer. It works quite well really!

Of course, even things on the first list aren’t guaranteed as everyday happenings when you take exceptions like sickness!

As for tagging, I am supposed to tag five other people, but as I can’t think of anyone to tag (apart from my sister!)  I shall leave it as an open tag so that anyone who wants to may participate!

An Ancient Old Tag

Some time ago, Emily from A Heart of Praise tagged me to list six random things about myself. As I had already been tagged twice (and churned out a grand total of 13) I didn’t actually take up tag up. However, I remembered the tag a little while ago, and decided to take up the tag with a slight alteration:

Six Random Things About Me and My Sisters

  • I am 2 1/2 years younger than my older sister and 11 1/2 years older than my younger sister. Before my younger sister was born I was the middle child, but now I have been upgraded to second oldest child, a position which is to hopefully be further cemented in March next year.
  • All three of us play the piano. I’d guess that my older sister can sight read better than me, but Daddy says that her sense of time is awful.
  • Us three sisters have our disagreements. When all three of us are involved, you’d normally find that we are disagreeing over what our younger sister is or isn’t allowed to do.
  • It is a very annoying fact of life that my older sister is still a little taller than me. Another annoying fact of life is that people who don’t know us are rather apt to think I am the older one. People also muddle up our names… including our mother!
  • My little sister likes preparing for the new baby. She wants a little sister, and asks whether the baby will wear her clothing and puts toys aside for the baby which are too small for her!
  • Both my sisters are bossy. My little sister informed me this morning that as big sister had used her pink stripe bowl, it was now my job to wash her another pink stripe bowl!

There. That makes things so much easier for me, and I could go on so much longer!

As for tagging, I tag nobody, but anyone who would like to do it (in its altered state of course!) is more than welcome to!

How well can you…

It was some time ago that I picked up this list of questions from this post on Bethany’s blog, The Moments of Time. I have at last got round to posting them. Enjoy!

Cook? Fairly well, though I guess that we all have our disasters!

Sew? Dreadfully badly, but I guess I’ll get better if I persevere

Clean? I can clean, when I want to, and I take great pride in cleaning.

Sing? Don’t ask.

Play an instrument? I can play both piano and violin to some degree.

Write? I enjoy writing, but whether people enjoy reading what I write is another matter altogether!

Draw or paint? There is no artist in me.

Tell stories? I honestly don’t know. However, I expect that my stories would probably include a naughty little boy who got his just deserts.

Persuade? Hunger strikes, tantrums, and long periods of silence always work. ;)

Resist those who persuade you? I am very stubborn.

Dress? I guess I dress quite well. I don’t wear anything too outlandish….

Decorate a room? I have never tried, but if anyone wants a room decorating, I’m quite happy to try for them!

Decorate a cake? Dreadfully. At its worst, the icing will be too runny and there will be too much colouring in the icing.

Parallel Park? Don’t drive.

Regular Park? See above. Anyway, what is all this parallel parking and regular parking about?

Control yourself around food? Badly, especially when that food is chocolate or contains chocolate.

Control your strongest emotion? With difficulty, but I am trying to learn self control.

Take care of children? As I have a three year old sister and am used to playing with children considerably younger than myself, I would say that I can care for children quite well!

Make a cup of coffee? I can do it, but I rarely ever do it, because I dislike coffee.

Motivate yourself? Depends what I need motivating to do.

Organize? I think I’ll let my sister do the organizing; it is just her cup of tea!

Make a deadline? It is easy to make a deadline, it is sticking to that deadline that is the hard part!

Make others feel comfortable? Badly. Well, actually I’d say that it depends how well I know the people, if they are complete strangers, I fail. Full stop. If they are good friends, they are already pretty comfortable… Oh dear, maybe I should have just left it at badly?

Wrap a gift? I think I can wrap gifts better than my mother… but don’t tell her I said that!

Dance? Dance? I cannot dance in the slightest.

Swim? I used to swim well, but I haven’t swum for over a year now.

Debate? Debating is not my strong point; I’d much rather listen to other people debating. However, I am good at arguing with my sister.

Edited to add: Some things said here are best taken with a very large pinch of salt!

Did I ever tell you?

…that autumn and winter in the south of England consist of either rain or cold, dry weather (the majority of course being rain). I personally prefer the cold, dry weather. Today it rained. I had to walk to my violin lesson. I got wet… :( Anyway, my skirt is still a little damp.

On the subject of why I didn’t change my skirt: it wasn’t because I didn’t have another skirt; I did, but it was a summer skirt, and I felt that it would be warmer in my slightly damp winter skirt. I still haven’t got around to going to a fabric shop, nor have I got round to making myself skirts out of the fabric I have…

…that I can knit! I can knit! Not that there is anything exciting about that. But I couldn’t knit a couple of weeks ago. And now I can. But they never tell you in knitting books how to keep your knitting tension even (if they do, I never read it). I suppose that practice makes better. What do you think I could use my new found knitting skills for?

…that I fell off on Saturday. Horse riding is a dangerous sport, but that has not stopped me. There was a time when I fell off every other week, though that was from ponies. I don’t do that any more, but I succeeded on Saturday. Let’s put this straight. I was bucked off. Anyway, falling off is officially banned now.

…that I ache. My legs ache. My arms ache. They ached yesterday. They ached this morning. They ache a little now. Don’t ask why. I don’t suppose it could have anything to do with falling from that horse on Saturday.


Now I need to go and soak beans for our lunch tomorrow. Beans are high protein, nutritious vegetables. That doesn’t stop my brother from disliking them. And then I have some apples to cut. Yes, we still have apples to cut up. They never end…