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  • Two birthdays – one little boy turned 4 and one little girl turned 8.
  • Another trip to Cardiff – and disappointment when my interview was not successful.
  • My grade 7 piano exam – after a dreadful attack of nerves in the exam, I got a merit.
  • A birthday party for my little sister – which she much enjoyed!
  • New piano pieces, including some Mozart!
  • Babysitting little siblings for a day.
  • Hugs from my little brother.
  • Rain… and even snow! (But not much sunshine…)
  • Work.
  • Happy hours spent in the kitchen.
  • Making cookies for the orchestra in which I play.
  • A rather chaotic house, as we deal with furniture and other things given to us by a relative who was downsizing.
  • Two pianos in our dining room (see above).
  • Uncertainty, yet the knowledge that the Lord will guide.
  • Disappointment coupled with the assurance that the Lord knows what he is doing.
  • Learning faith in God.

Sledging in the Snow

As I sit down to put together this post, it is sleeting outside.  The problem with the part of England in which we live is that our climate is unable to maintain sub-zero temperatures for longer than a day.  Maybe that is a blessing in some ways, but it does mean that our snow is always short-lived.  Much of it has melted by now.

Anyway, I have finally got around to editing some of my photos of my little brother and sister from when they went sledging last Friday.  Enjoy (they certainly both enjoyed it!).


~ Running on ahead to get to the hill. ~


Hills are in short supply in our little corner of England, but we happen to live in a valley, which means that there is one fairly sizeable ‘hill’ near us – it’s big enough for sledging, anyway!

I shall let the pictures tell the story from now, as I am rather running out of time!  The next photo is one of my favourites – it was his first ever sledge ride and I love the way his face shows pure delight.






And of course, sledging was not without its little tumbles…  Suffice to say, this little boy got rather cold and tired.

And finally, a couple of photo collages…



Another Update

Wow!  I am certain I never intended it to be so long until my next post…   A lot seems to have happened since I posted at the beginning of the year (seriously, is 2012 really a quarter gone already?!).

So what has happened?

One of the first changes of the year was the acquisition of glasses by my then-two-year-old brother.  He loves his glasses now, and I think you will all agree he looks very cute wearing them…

Schoolwork continued much as usual for the first few months, but I then succeeded in finishing the majority of my main subjects.  I now only have a few ‘little’ bits to finish, to which I really need to start applying myself. :-)

My little sister started to learn piano.  She is making very good progression – her teacher says she is whizzing through her books.  I get the privilege of helping her with books, and playing duets with her!  She is still doing well with her violin, and has almost learned to use all her fingers now.

My little sister also lost a lot of her teeth at once, so we had several months of a very gappy smile.  At first she didn’t like it being photographed at all, but she became reconciled to it… (Her teeth have now started to grow, so her smile has changed quite a bit since this photo :-)

We got two cats, much to my little sister’s delight.  We have had Milly and Molly for about 7 weeks now, and they have settled down very well.  They are both very good-natured, but they can behave very strangely sometimes…



My little sister has also had to have glasses.  Hers are for reading and writing, though, so you won’t catch her in them too often (apart from when she is doing her schoolwork or music practice) as she doesn’t really like them!

They are just a few little everyday things that have happened over the past few months – there has been more (my father has had a major and somewhat unexpected operation), but they will have to wait for another post… that is, if I do one soon enough!  Right now, I am off to see what I can do about my very wintry header…

Very Small and Determined…

DSC_3087A couple of weeks ago, my little sister got a 1/4 size violin.  She had been wanting to learn the violin for a little while – I suspect mainly because her ‘Nana’ (term of endearment for ‘Anna’!) played the violin.  She has just started lessons with my violin teacher, and really enjoys them.  This photo was taken during one of her practice times – she is very keen on practicing and has already improved a lot!  Her long sloooooow bows on the open strings are getting faster and less shaky.  Thus, a very small and determined little violinist!

Precious Moments…


…include making hot chocolates for your little brother…

DSC_2232…and then taking self portraits with the same little brother.

His squeals of delight and cries of ‘Anna’ and ‘me’ were really cute when I was showing the photos to him on my camera afterwards!  Such little moments would brighten anyone’s day!


I am so thankful and blessed at the end of another year – God is good!

And as for the year ahead?  Though I do not know what lies ahead of me, I may always be certain of the Lord’s help and presence with me.

And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:8

*Photo credit: my little sister (though the original photo has been cropped).  She ‘took’ my old camera and has been using it.  And an interesting (and very sweet) note: my two-and-a-half-year-old brother says “apple birthday” rather than “happy birthday.”  (Though we did get him to say “appy birthday” once!)

A First!

Just after I had pressed “publish” on my post yesterday, my six-year-old sister called me to pull her largest carrot.  “Do you think I can pull my big carrot?” she asked.  “Would you like to?” I asked her.  “Yes,” was her excited reply.  A little unsure, I followed her into the garden.  The carrot looked quite promising from the top, to be certain, but I had never managed to grown carrots of any serviceable size before.  I was not entirely convinced that this carrot would be any different.  Visions of a short, stumpy, runt carrot filled my head…

Carefully I pulled the top of the carrot.  The carrot came out quite easily.  And I was pleasantly surprised – rather than being small and runtish, the carrot was very definitely a carrot!

Needless to say, I ran inside to grab my camera.  Such achievements have to be chronicled!

After the success of the first carrot, I felt confident enough to pull another!  The second was longer than the first, but not quite as fat, but just as successful.  Maybe it is my little sister’s green fingers… or maybe the new location for my veggie plot,  or maybe I dug the ground well (unlikely!) but this was an unprecedented first! (then again, my two courgette plants have also been very prolific; they have only been producing for one and a half weeks and already we have had 10 of them!)

Then my little brother wanted a carrot to hold too.  I “pulled” him one – actually it ended up being dug out, as I succeeded in pulling off all the top!  However, he would not let me photograph him, instead preferring to run around the garden holding the carrot with his tongue out his mouth just a little bit.

It seems quite a habit of his.  Whenever I try to take a photograph of him, he runs round the garden laughing!  It really is quite fun though, chasing him with the camera!

As for the carrots, they were chopped and eaten raw for tea.  They were very delicious!