He went out, not knowing whither he went. (Hebrews 11:8)

Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One Who is leading. It is a life of Faith, not of intellect and reason, but a life of knowing Who makes us “go.” The root of faith is the knowledge of a Person, and one of the biggest snares is the idea that God is sure to lead us to success.

The final stage in the life of faith is attainment of character. There are many passing transfigurations of character; when we pray we feel the blessing of God enwrapping us and for the time being we are changed, then we get back to the ordinary days and ways and the glory vanishes. The life of faith is not a life of mounting up with wings, but a life of walking and not fainting. It is not a question of sanctification; but of something infinitely further on than sanctification, of faith that has been tried and proved and has stood the test. Abraham is not a type of sanctification, but a type of the life of faith, a tried faith built on a real God. “Abraham believed God.”

 – Oswald Chambers

These words by Oswald Chambers spoke to me yesterday morning.  It had not been the easiest week in many ways, and I have felt very much left ‘hanging’ over certain issues, so I found the reminder of the need for faith in God very apt. The Lord never fails those who trust Him! Have a blessed Lord’s Day!


Satisfied with Christ Alone

Here is the last of the quotes from France Ridley Havergal’s devotional My King: Daily Thoughts for the King’s Children which I typed up to share on my blog (thus, it is not necessarily the last quote I will ever share!).  It speaks of being satisfied with Christ alone – something which ought to be the glorious reality of every believer, for in Christ we have all we need, for He is sufficient.  But it is so easy to write that, so much harder to actually live it out, so that it shows throughout our life.

“It is when the King has really come in peace to His own home in the ‘contrite and humble spirit’ (not before),—when He has entered in to make His abode there (not before),—that the soul is satisfied with Him alone, . . . all else seems nothein at all in comparison to the conscious possession of the Treasure of treasures.

Sometimes this is reached at once. . . . Sometimes very gradually,—as year after year we realize His indwelling more and more, and find again and again that He is quite enough to satisfy us in all circumstances; that the empty corners of the ‘house’ are filled one after another; that the old longings have somehow gone away and the old ambitions vanished; that and ‘all the old tastes and interests in the things of the world are superseded by stronger tastes and interests in the things of Christ; that He is day by day more really filling our lives,—we count (because we really find) one thing after another ‘but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord,’ till He leads us on to the rapturous joy of the ‘Yea, doubtless,’ and ‘all things!’”

– Frances Ridley Havergal
My King: Daily Thoughts for the King’s Children


“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures.”   (Psalm 36:7-8)

A Reason for Dryness

This quote is one that has challenged me recently.  How often it is tempting to think that it doesn’t matter if we forget our time with the Lord, yet it does matter so much.  We must not let it slip into the realm of the ‘not-too-important’, for if we do, it shall affect the whole of our life – we shall be unable to serve God and others as we desire.

“If we we are to be and to do for others what God means us to be and to do, we must not let adoration and worship slip into the second place:  “For it is the central service asked by God of human souls; and its neglect is responsible for much lack of spiritual depth and power.”  Perhaps we may find here the reason why we so often run dry. We do not give time enough to what makes for depth, and so we are shallow; a wind, quite a little wind, can ruffle our surface; a little hot sun, and all the moisture in us evaporates.  It should not be so.

. . . Is it not worthwhile earnestly to set ourselves towards this? Today, if we will hear His voice, today, this morning, if we will draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.  In the hush of that nearness we shall not seek anything for ourselves, not even help, or light, or comfort; we shall forget ourselves, “lost in wonder, love and praise.”

“Let us draw near hither unto God.”  “Let us follow on to know the Lord: we shall find Him ready as the morning.”  The morning never disappoints us by not coming; neither does our loving God.”

– Amy Carmichael
Edges of His Ways

Christ’s Dwelling in Us

“Our King comes. . . not to pass, but to ‘dwell in the midst of thee;’ not only in His Church collectively, but in each believer individually.  We pray, ‘Abide with us,’ and He answers in the sublime plural of Godhead, ‘We will come unto him, and make our abode with him.’  Even this grand abiding with us does not extend to the full marvels of His condescension and His nearness, for the next time He speaks of it He changes the ‘with’ to ‘in’ and thenceforth only speaks of ‘I in you,’ ‘I in him,’ ‘I in them.’

. . . It is almost too wonderful to dare to speak of.   Christ Himself, my King, coming to me, into me! abiding, dwelling in my very heart! Really staying there all day, all night, wherever I am, whatever I am doing; here in my poor unworthy heart at this very moment!  And this only because the grace that flowed from His own love has broken the bars of doubt, and because He has given the faith that wanted Him and welcomed Him.  Let us pause a little to take it in!”

– Frances Ridley Havergal
My King: Daily Thoughts for the King’s Children

The Coming of the King

“. . .You want a present coming from your King. You have His most sweet
word, ‘I will come to you;’ and you respond, ‘Oh, when wilt Thou come
unto me?’ Are you ready to receive the King’s answere now? Do you so
desire His coming, that you do not want it postponed at all? Can you
defer all other comers, and say in reality, ‘Let my Beloved come?’

He has but one answer to that appeal. Hush! listen! believe! for
the King speaks to you: ‘I am come to my garden, my sister, my
spouse.’ He is come. Do not miss the unspeakable blessing and joy of
meeting Him and resting in His presence by hurrying away to anything
else by listening to an outward call. Stay now, . . . kneel down at
your King’s feet, doubt not His word, which is ‘more sure’ than even
the ‘excellent glory’ that apostles beheld, and thank Him for coming
to you. Commune with Him now of all that is in your heart, and
‘rejoice greatly,’ for ‘behold, thy King cometh unto thee.’”

– Frances Ridley Havergal
My King: Daily Thoughts for the King’s Children

A Quote


…All our past mercies are tokens of future mercies. If Jesus has been with us, he will see us again. Look upon no former favour as a dead and buried thing; to be mourned over; but regard it as a seed sown, which will grow, and push its head up from the dust, and cry, ‘I will see you again.’ Are the times dark because Jesus is not with us as he used to be? Let us pluck up courage; for he will not be long away. He feet are those of a roe or young hart, and they will soon bring him to us. Wherefore let us begin to be joyous, since he saith to us even now, ‘I will see you again.’

– C. H. Spurgeon

Quote for Today

DSCF0053_1What if the great enemy of souls should for a while triumph over us, as he has triumphed over better men than we are, yet let us take heart, for we shall overcome him before long. We shall rise from our fall, for our God has not fallen, and he will lift us up. We shall not abide in darkness, although for the moment we sit in it; for our Lord is the fountain of light, and he will soon bring us a joyful day.

– C. H. Spurgeon

I have personally found the above quote of comfort lately, and decided that I would share it with all those who visit and read my blog. Also, thank you to all those who have commented recently; I appreciate your comments and mean to reply to them soon (that will be Monday now!).

Have a blessed weekend,