(Re)Learning How to Blog

I am sitting here, with a half-asleep/half-awake two-year-old brother sitting on my lap, attempting to break my long blogging silence. My one thought is that it has been an awfully long time since I blogged, and an even longer time since I blogged ‘properly’ (though people’s definitions of ‘proper’ blogging may vary!).

It has been a long time; blogging is far from my number one priority at present. I have a lot of things competing for my time and attention. I don’t always give the right things enough attention, and I often give the wrong things too much attention. As a result, I am rather wary about blogging too much; maybe I have gone over to the extreme of blogging too little!

Thus, I hope to relearn blogging. It will be just a few little things shared, as time allows, but it ought to be an improvement on no blogging at all.

My little brother has long since climbed off my lap, obviously having decided that waking up properly is much better than going back to sleep. I must now go; I have things to do, things much more important than polishing off my ramblings and making them more publishable!


An Explanation Or Notice of Absence

Life has been rather busy recently. I rather feel like I am trying to do a balancing act between music lessons, school work, and everything else* (‘everything else’ being a very general term which refers to daily devotions, helping at home and big sistering, among other things). It seems hard enough trying to prevent work from causing me to miss out on the blessings of being a daughter and a big sister, without adding blogging to the one hundred and one things already clamouring for my attention. Thus, the prolonged silence on this blog lately… it may last a little longer yet, as I am not sure when things are going to quieten down (August is my guess at present!)

I am not shutting my blog down totally; I do intend to post as soon as I am able. Put quite simply, things may just be a little quiet around here for a little longer

*In case anyone is interested, this post was typed between writing an essay and has been posted while juggling a wide-awake and bouncy two-year-old on my lap!

Blog Changes

I have been uploading all my old blog archives on to this blog and am currently checking through them (and pruning out some) to republish them on here. I have currently ninety-four posts to check through – it may take a little while! I am not quite sure what I am going to do with my old blog yet; I may totally delete it, or just remove it from public viewing.

I am also hoping to work on customizing my blog appearance some more, so if things look a bit messy for a little while, I am sure my readers will understand!


A Time to Keep Silence

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:… at time to keep silence and a time to speak.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7)

It is over three weeks ago since I last blogged and almost four weeks since I said that I hoped to blog more and to return to what once was. Yet, after unsuccessfully keeping this aim, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot return to is. That door seems to have been closed behind me. What was last year cannot be returned to this year. Things cannot be the same again; at least not in the world of blogging.

And so it is, with great sadness, that i am going to allow the curtain to fall on this blog. It may be for only a little while; it may be forever. I may still blog occasionally, but on the most part, this blog is set to become pretty much dormant. When the curtain shall rise again, I cannot tell.

My reasons are many and various. I may have hinted of the spiritual struggled I have been experiencing, and you should be aware of the birth of my baby brother (who is, by the way, doing very well and has a beautiful smile and lovely chuckle). However, they could not be called the only reasons; there are other reasons that I chose not to share.

I am still intending to read and comment on other people’s blogs. On a side note to any Blogger readers I have still remaining, I will be using my Blogger account on Blogger blogs from henceforth. That should mean that I appear as Anna. (I hope to add a photo soon as well!) For any WordPress readers, they need not worry, for it will not change for them!

I have been blessed by blogging, including acquaintances made whilst blogging. I hope to keep up with the majority of these acquaintances.

I have now almost finished my long drawn out post, saying that which I could have said in one short sentence in several whole paragraphs! I have been meaning to post this for almost two weeks now, but I was having a hard time “letting go” of my blog, even if it was to only be for a little while.  However, I felt it was the Lord’s will, and so I have done it.  For me, at this present season, it is indeed “a time to keep silence.”
May the Lord bless you all,



Of late, when I blogged, I neglected my Bible notebook. I neglected to write down daily what God had shown me through verses in His Word. When paired with the loss of our church, naturally my spiritual life began to suffer.

My blog seemed to thrive.

I knew that I should write once again. Yet sometimes it seemed a struggle even to read my Bible.

Then I removed my Bible notebook from the cupboard where I had placed it and began to write in it again.

My blog has suffered badly.

When I think of which I would rather see neglected, I think I would rather neglect this blog than my Bible notebook. It truly is such a blessing to my life. ‘Neglect not the study of God’s Word’ cannot help but come to my mind.

I would rather write in my Bible notebook and see my blog suffer than write numerous blog posts and see my spiritual life suffer.

Dear blogging friends, I will still be blogging, just less often.

May God bless you all!


Too much to blog about…

Blogging is weird. Either you don’t have a clue what to blog about or your head is so full of ideas that you can’t blog about anything. Or so it seems.

I’m one of the latter at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch some of those thoughts racing around my head or be disciplined and sit down and type up those thoughts I have already caught soon!

And for those who remember this post: Yes, I am planning to write about it soon. I know ‘next week’ has passed already. I did start writing a post about it except I have lost it among all my other document in my super organized files. I know, I know….

Anyway, that’s enough for now!

The Absentee Returns…

…to laden you down with posts!

Yes, I have been absent for 9 days and haven’t posted in 2 weeks. I hope to change that state of affairs soonish!

No, I had not forgotten about my blog. I just decided I had every opportunity to take another break!

I have just taken a holiday at home. An expensive, enjoyable, and relaxing holiday. Expensive because I went shopping twice and bought stuff both time. Enjoyable because I saw grandparents and cousins on two days of last week. Relaxing because it was a change, I had no school, and I was able to take some photos!

It was half-term week. Due to the fact that we spent most of the first half of term having days off, we should have been made to work through! But Mummy wanted the rest, and we were only too happy to oblige!

I also took the opportunity to change my bed time. I had been going to bed at 10:30 and I had been waking up late. But our clocks went back to Greenwich Mean Time a week ago, so I was able to make good of this to turn my bed time to 9:30, an hour earlier! Now I wake up earlier and feel so much fresher in the morning!

So now we are almost back to normal. I say almost because we have only had a half day today because Mummy has her 20 week scan this afternoon. I hope and pray that everything goes/is going well.

Over the next few days I shall be posting some photos and some other snippets!