About Me

First and foremost, I am a Christian.  That means I am a sinner saved by God’s grace, and I aim to serve the Lord in all that I do out of love for Him.  I am slowly learning more of Him – slowly learning to love Him more Who first loved me, learning to follow Him more closely Who has called me to ‘Come,’ learning to cleave to Him and find in Him all I ever need.  I have found God to be faithful, abundantly so.

I was home-schooled, and that may help account for my love of all things homemaking-related and my love of home and children.  I left home last September to pursue my dream of becoming a children’s nurse and study children’s nursing at university – it has been a big change for me, but a good one.

I am a big sister.  I love my two brothers and my two sisters, and cherish the precious moments spent with them.  For me, that means holding little hands in mine, having early morning snuggles with a story, late-night chats and laughter over washing up, sharing time together, and remembering blessings.  Not that it is all a rose-coloured, golden, perfect world – like anyone, there are those not-so-perfect moments when everything seems to go wrong.  But God gives grace for those moments.

I enjoy capturing memories through the lens of my camera, opening my eyes to the beauty God has placed around me and delighting in the wonder and magnificence of God’s creation.  I try to photograph the things I love – music, sewing, cooking, reading, and family.

If you were to meet me in real life, you would probably find that I am quiet and a little shy.  If I come across otherwise on my blog, that is probably because I simply enjoy writing!Photo on 14-01-2014 at 13.09 #2