About this blog

I remember the time that I wanted to be a missionary. I was inspired by missionary biographies, and it seemed the best way to trully serve Christ and show my love for Him. It also held the attraction of being very definitely Christian work. Perhaps one day the Lord will lead me to serve Him as a missionary; I am not going to say that that is definitely not His will for me ever. However, it is clear that it is not His will for me presently, right here and now.  Presently, I need to learn to serve Him in the everyday normality of life, where there is no spotlight.

For many Christians, the Christian life is not lived in great publicity and fame, doing obviously ‘Christian’ work, such as missionary work. Instead, it is often lived very much in the everyday little things of life. It is unsung, largely unnoticed outside of a small circle of acquaintances. Their mission field is in the home and their place of work, their ministry in the local church, their work is the mundane daily round.

But the little things, the everyday things, they can be just as much service for the Lord – “Whatsoever ye do, whether ye eat or drink, do it heartily unto the Lord.” The Lord takes pleasure in the life lived to serve Him, whether it be in the great or the small. He notices the everyday things that are done for His glory. He notices when His children go to their places of work or study and live out their lives for Him there. He notices when we serve Him in their homes. And He loves to see His children seek to serve Him with their whole lives!

This blog is my little corner to share about my life serving my God in the everyday of my life as a student nurse and to encourage other Christians who are also living their lives in the everyday.




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