Five Minute Friday: Change

Today I am joining in with Five Minute Friday, hosted over at Kate Motaung’s blog, heading home. It’s the first time for me, but the idea is that you are given a word prompt and you type for just five minutes on it. Today’s prompt was change.


There is a lot of change in this uncertain world. There are the things that you want to change, because they have been dragging on to long and are painful and hard to bear. Then there are the things that you don’t want to change, because they are so almost perfect and beautful, that you want them to go on forever.

The last year has seen a lot of changes for me personally. So many positive changes, which are also hard at times. Adjusting to university life away from home was a big change in itself, and there have been things I would like to change, but then there are things which I don’t want to change either.

Change is hard, but it can be beneficial. It is necessary to change in order to grow.

The changes that have happened can be hard to comprehend sometimes. When I come back home, even for the day, the moment I walk in through the front door, it almost seems that nothing has ever changed and that my time at university never happened. I very quickly slip back into my normal home routines.

But then there are things that remind that even when I am at university, things have changed at home. I find small changes around me – the new solar panels on the roof, the new locks in the doors, the new windows and front door, and my father’s new organ. I find that my younger brother and sister have grown older, that they have changed in subtle ways, which I find hard to put my finger on.

And I have changed too. Again, it is hard to put my finger on sometimes, but I have grown more independent and more confident. My role has changed at home – rather than being the big sister and daughter who is almost always there to help out when needed, I am now the big sister whose being at home is a special occasion, though I still lend a helping hand when I can.

But though we all face change at times, we always have an unchanging God behind us, His love enfolding and surrounding us. It may be an uncertain world, full of changes, but we can always be certain of this – His perfect hand in holding and guiding us and His presence to confort and assure us.

(Okay, a confession of sorts – I did not type all that in 5 minutes, because my thoughts did not flow into words as easily as I would have liked. And I also did go back and edit it a little, mainly just to remove typos and to make sure it kind of made sense.)


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