Uni – Instagrammed

When looking for photos to picture my first year at university, instagram is my go-to place. To be honest, I have probably taken more photos with the tacky camera on my phone than I have with my proper camera. That sounds bad in a way, but I call it taking photos for memory’s sake rather than for quality! It is kind of like learning to live more in the moment and delighting in those little memories! These photos have been taken since I started last September, and are very much brief snapshots of some of the moments in the last 7 months. It is only an incomplete picture, so many things are missing, but these may give a little glimpse of my life at uni. Enjoy!

wpid-img_20131111_090608.jpg– tea and English muffins –

wpid-img_20131111_184233.jpg– studying my anatomy and physiology module –

(This was back in November, and I am only now facing the exam.)

wpid-img_20131112_161914.jpg– baking –

(because you have to bake at uni!)

wpid-img_20131123_161547.jpg– Saturday afternoon walk and a winter sunset –

wpid-img_20131129_114134.jpg– uni campus from the bus –

(the building on the right is actually the back of the nursing building)


 – green card for placement, following the completion of all my vaccinations –

wpid-img_20131210_174049.jpg– Christmas lights on campus –

wpid-img_20131211_103456.jpg– a misty morning walk to a 9am lecture –

wpid-img_20131224_221004.jpg– Christmas at home –

(And I’m still not too old for a stocking!)

wpid-img_20140102_211206.jpg–  writing my last essays –

wpid-img_20140131_083559.jpg– morning walk to catch the bus to my first placement (P1) –

wpid-img_20140210_163626.jpg– my P1 wasn’t actually based in this old hospital building, but in a another building on the same site –

wpid-img_20140211_083942.jpg– rain on the bus window (p1 again)!

wpid-img_20140309_102839.jpg– Sunday morning walk on the common before church –

wpid-img_20140313_140801.jpg– on campus one sunny afternoon –

wpid-img_20140314_124001.jpg– travelling back home for a visit –

wpid-img_20140314_202353.jpg– time spent with my little brother and sister –

wpid-img_20140331_182247.jpg– icecream, waffles, and good times with friends –

wpid-img_20140505_203945.jpg– a recent bank holiday walk to a bluebell wood with my family –


– revision –


One thought on “Uni – Instagrammed

  1. joy16live4jesus says:

    I enjoyed looking at your instagram photos of uni-life, Anna. You live in such a beautiful place, and I especially loved all the landscape-photos and the little ‘small’ things of your life, in the busyness of uni-life too. The one with you and your little brother and sister is very sweet <3.

    God blessings!

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