Dear Blog…


Dear Blog,

I am so sorry for neglecting you over the past few months. I know – just as you were beginning to hope that I would write on you more often and take a little bit better care of you. I am sorry; I realise it must have been tough for you!

The thing is, lately my time has been so taken up with other things. I have been settling in at university, dealing with things like homesickness and overwhelmed-ness and adjusting to a change that is mammoth in itself. I have been working to get into a good study routine on those days when I don’t have lectures while at the same time striving to maintain a good work-life balance. I have been meeting new people, beginning to build new friendships, and learning to step out of my comfort zone. I have been discovering the challenges, as well as the freedoms, of living independently.

I am now 7 weeks into my first term at university. How quickly that time has flown! How long ago those quiet, lazy days of summers now seem! And yet how strange it seems to think that I have another 3 years (minus those 7 weeks!) of university to go before I will be fully finished. It seems a long time, yet I have been told it will fly by. And though I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything I am supposed to learn during those years, I am finding that the best way is to take things as they come and not fretting over next weeks’ work when I should be completing this weeks’ work.

My first 7 weeks at uni have been full. Though surprisingly, not as full of lectures as I was expecting or indeed would like. I enjoy the lectures I do have, and almost wish for more, though generally I find that there is plenty to do outside of lectures too. Such as meeting with friends, visiting my family, going shopping, taking walks, and of course, reading and studying!

There has been so much that is good – so much that makes me step back and thank God for placing me here. Yes, in this city which I have known all my life, in this city ‘too close to home’, in this city which ‘isn’t Cardiff’. God knew what He was doing – yes, even when I went through those agonising moments when I looked on UCAS and saw another ‘unsuccessful’ reply and when I thought that I was not going to university this year. He knew what he was doing when He opened the door for me to come here and then worked everything together in His perfect timing! Even in the ‘not-so-good’ moments (and there have been several), He still knows what He is doing, and I know that I can be confident that He is with me now and will be with me throughout all the years of university and beyond!

So that is my life in a nutshell (or some of it at least!).

Anna xx

(And yes, it does feel a little weird writing a letter to my blog, but hey, it’s fun!)


3 thoughts on “Dear Blog…

  1. Denise M says:

    So nice to hear from you! Glad things are going well! We missed you at the end of the GMG Study, but I totally get it, having been in nursing school at one time!

    • Anna says:

      Thank you for your comment, Denise – It is good to hear from you! I can’t quite remember what happened at the end of the GMG study, and was rather disappointed in myself for not finishing it. There was probably just a bit too much happening though!

  2. Helena says:

    Dear Anna,
    Your blog is not the only one happy to see you (even if only briefly) on this page! Thank you also for your email which really cheered me up this evening. These are exciting and challenging times of change for you all around. God is with you through it all.
    Love in Christ, Helena

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